We are very proud of our wonderful staff who have been volunteering during the pandemic. Thank you for all the help and support you’ve provided to the NHS, charities and your local communities.

A big shout out to:

  • Rainbow heartDot Gilbert who has registered for the NHS and is out in the community doing what she does best – shopping! Helping people at risk and in isolation who’ve been unable to get out during lockdown.
  • In addition to delivering medication, Angela Flamson created a new system to help people who were shielding whereby they placed a red card in their window if they needed something, while a green card meant all was good.
  • Carole McQuarrie Watson is in regular contact with an elderly lady in isolation and as president of her local Women’s Institute, sends emails or calls members to check if they need help, provides assistance where needed and also ensures everyone’s birthdays are celebrated!
  • Julie Phillips, from our Blackpool office has registered for GoodSAM NHS, check and chat section.
  • Mark Gilbert, from our Cheshire centre has volunteered for Age Concern and has been delivering shopping to the elderly in his community.
  • Jonathan Millard and Nicola McLean have all registered with the NHS, while Linda O’Hara has been collecting shopping for vulnerable people and working at her local Ambulance HO station serving breakfast, teas and coffees – keeping everyone’s spirits high!
  • Martina Crellin has also been shopping for many vulnerable elderly people in her community.


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