Advanced Learner Loans gives individuals the opportunity to work towards a qualification, without worrying about the cost.

If you’re aged 19 or over, live in England and are thinking about doing an apprenticeship or qualification at level 3, 4, 5 or 6, you could qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan.

It’s easy to apply for, doesn’t take your household income into account and doesn’t involve a credit check. You only have to start making repayments when you’ve finished your course and you’re earning over £25,000 a year although you can also make voluntary repayments at any time.

The loan scheme was introduced by the government to help those who are not eligible for a government funded apprenticeship with their further learning. If you require additional financial support in completing your studies, we also offer bursary payments.

Further information on Advanced Learner Loans.

To find out more about loans and other financial support including eligibility criteria, please call us on 0330 1000 610.


Advance learner loan

*This is not a credit check.

Advance learner loan




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