With an apprenticeship, you have the freedom to start your career and earn while you learn straight after your school exams.

First impressions count, especially when you’re applying for an apprenticeship where competition to secure a role is becoming increasingly fierce.

A curriculum vitae, also known as a CV or resume, is a concise document showcasing your skills, education, interests and qualifications. It is your own personal advert and a real chance to wow your potential employer and make a lasting, positive first impression.

A well-constructed CV is crucial and could be the difference between impressing a new employer and being asked for an interview, and not being considered for your dream apprenticeship programme. It is your opportunity to stand out, jump off the page and entice an employer to want to meet you in person.

Whilst writing an apprenticeship CV can at first feel like a daunting prospect, we’ve put together some top tips for effective CV writing to increase your chance of success and help you produce the best possible apprenticeship application.

Our expert advice will help you stand out in the crowd for the right reasons.

The importance of a CV

If you’re looking to apply for an apprenticeship programme, you will need to provide a well put together and considered CV to give you the best chance of being asked along for an interview.

A CV is important for many reasons, it is:


  • A crucial part of the initial application stage
  • A showcase of your skills, experience, education and qualifications
  • An opportunity to discuss your interests
  • A benchmark for an employer to judge you in line with a person specification
  • Needed to apply for other forms of work including internships, volunteer work and work experience

What to include in your apprenticeship CV

Whilst there are no strict ‘rules’ when it comes to how a CV should be structured, the guidelines on key information to include if you are writing an apprenticeship CV are:


  • Personal details – such as name, address, contact number and email address
  • Relevant key skills – these can be any skills you have which are relevant to the apprenticeship programme you are applying for
  • Work experience – this should be listed with the most recent place of work coming first
  • Education and qualifications – listed in reverse chronological order
  • Hobbies and interests – it is important to include accurate hobbies, but ensure you include relevant ones which are more likely to help you gain the position as an apprentice
  • References – it is useful to mention in your CV that you have relevant referees available upon request

Apprenticeship CV must-knows

How you choose to layout your apprenticeship CV is crucial and speaks volumes about you as an individual. The presentation, layout and formatting of your CV is therefore just as significant as the words you have on the page.

Follow these apprenticeship CV must-knows to stand yourself in the best chance of getting that all-important interview lined up.


  • Use a CV template if you need assistance
  • Check spelling and grammar
  • Select a professional font and use this consistently throughout
  • Break the text up with bullet points, headings and equal spacing between paragraphs
  • Keep it brief, concise and accurate
  • Avoid your CV and cover letter being too lengthy

Researching the company

It is a great way to show enthusiasm for the position you are applying for and for the industry you are looking to join by researching the company.

By doing this effectively, you are armed with key knowledge to include in a cover letter and to bring to an interview if you are asked along. Key topics you could research in readiness are:


  • The company history
  • Key members of staff
  • The company’s organisational structure
  • Key industry news
  • The unique selling points (USPs), values and company ethos of the business

Find out more about apprenticeships today

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