Jamie Thompson and Lorna Manley, GP Strategies.

GP Strategies’ Jamie Thompson and Lorna Manley are based at the company’s Yeovil office, working within the Engineering and Technical Services Division.

They both feel that their Level 4 Management Apprenticeship has boosted their management style by being more confident, capable and self-aware.

Gaining a recognised qualification

Jamie, a Subject Matter Expert, has worked in this area for over 15 years, with 10 years in a supervisory role. He felt that the only thing he had to show for his hard work and dedication was practical ‘on the job’ experience rather than any formal qualification. He was keen to develop his expertise, improve his analytical skills and increase his confidence by having a tangible, recognised qualification. Jamie says:

“Learning about new methods and processes has been invaluable and I’m already seeing a big increase in efficiency through adopting some new techniques. It has given me the confidence and the capabilities to pursue further managerial roles in the future and ultimately a role as director.”

Developing existing skills sets

Lorna Manley wanted to develop her existing skills set so she could undertake a greater variety of work and raise her performance in her role as Office Manager. Lorna says:

“It has been a great experience learning about the different ways to manage and enhance the ways I was previously doing things. I have taken loads of what I learned into the workplace, in particular, understanding the differences in people and adapting my management styles accordingly."

Skills Coach support

Both Lorna and Jamie were supported by GP Strategies’ Skills Coach, Dot Gilbert, throughout their apprenticeship journey, who facilitated their learning and provided a continual flow of advice, guidance and one-to-one support.

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