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The role of a manager is probably the most influential and significant in terms of impact on overall performance but training in this area is often overlooked. The changes to funding introduced as part of the Apprenticeship Reforms in 2017, means that you can use apprenticeships to train staff of all ages and roles – from trainees to senior managers and leaders.

GP Strategies deliver ILM accredited high quality management programmes that will enable your first-line managers, supervisors and middle managers to become highly-effective managers and leaders.

What leadership and management apprenticeships do we offer?


See our apprenticeships below.


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For more information on our Leadership and Management qualifications, click on an Apprenticeship below:

Operational/Departmental Manager Level 5
Team Leader Level 3


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For more information on our Project Management qualifications, click on an Apprenticeship below:

Associate Project Manager Level 4 Apprenticeship
Improvement Specialist Level 5 Apprenticeship


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View our frameworks for Management below: 

Management Apprenticeship Level 4
Management Apprenticeship Level 5
Business Administration Apprenticeship Level 2 & 3
Business and Professional Administration Apprenticeship Level 4

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