A business administration qualification provides a solid foundation when building a career in project management.


Congratulations to GP Strategies first completer of the Advanced Business Admin Apprenticeship, Antonia Hann.

At GP Strategies, we not only offer and deliver Apprenticeships to clients and organisations, we also complete Apprenticeships ourselves!

Whilst Antonia already had a university degree, she saw the opportunity to develop new skills in her role by doing this qualification.

Not only did she gain some really useful and relevant new skills for her job role, she also gained a new qualification without missing a day’s work to complete the learning. Antonia explains why and how she did it:


“I’d been in my job role for 4 months and was offered the opportunity to do a 12 month Business Administration Apprenticeship. Initially I thought Apprenticeships were just for school leavers, not those already in work and it would mean going to college once a week. Once I realised I could do the training alongside my job, I saw this as a great opportunity to learn some new skills that would not only make my job easier but add some real value to the organisation. It also added to skills that I’d learnt during my university degree course.

As part of the Apprenticeship programme, I’ve introduced a new tracking system that has enabled our team to improve the way we manage project updates. I accessed online materials, completed questionnaires and assignments alongside my day to day work. And for me that worked really well.

I’m now looking at how I can improve my Project Management skills with a new Apprenticeship programme that will further enhance my career.”

Antonia’s Director at GP Strategies Strategy, Culture and Leadership, Peter Dean, talks about the value it brings to the organisation:

“As an employer it’s been great to see the journey that Antonia has been on. It’s grown her confidence in her role, along with new skills that have brought in valuable new processes and improvements to our daily operations. She has also managed the Apprenticeship workload with minimum disruption to the working week. A great story all round – Well Done Antonia!”

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