Apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to recruit and develop high quality staff with the skills and knowledge required to work in this sector.

GP Strategies Apprenticeships is one of the leading Children and Education Apprenticeship specialists in the UK – last year we qualified 3000 apprentices. We understand how important it is to employ people who have a real passion to work in the sector and reflect the culture and values of your organisation. 


What Does a Childcare Apprenticeship Involve?

A childcare apprenticeship at GP Strategies Scotland is a transformative journey for aspiring childcare professionals. Our comprehensive programme combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience, providing apprentices with the skills and confidence they need to excel in the industry. Apprentices will learn about child development, health and safety, effective communication, and fostering a nurturing environment.

Through practical placements and mentorship from experienced professionals, they will gain real-world exposure and develop their abilities in childcare settings. Our apprenticeships empower individuals to make a positive impact on children's lives, while also paving the way for rewarding career opportunities in the childcare sector.

To start your career in our childcare apprenticeship, contact our team.


What Children and Young People Apprenticeships do we offer?

Our range of Children and Young People Apprenticeships at GP Strategies Scotland provides hands-on training in various areas. From Early Years Education to Social Services and Healthcare, our programmes empower young individuals to develop essential skills and gain practical experience.

With our industry-aligned curriculum and dedicated trainers, we ensure a rewarding learning journey for every apprentice. Explore our diverse childcare and young people apprenticeship options below:

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Children & Young People Apprenticeships



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