GP Strategies Training Limited (GPSTL) managed apprenticeship training service takes the pain out of the apprenticeship levy and ensures return on investment.


With over 50 years’ experience in managed learning services GPSTL is already helping organisations with over £3m in payroll to offset levy requirements against their training budget.

As with all our managed learning services they are tailored to your organisations requirements, at no cost to your business we conduct an analysis to determine the right solution for you. We then create an apprenticeship strategy that aligns with your organisation's learning strategy and administer using our full managed apprenticeship services:



Orange Tick BulletA dedicated account manager



Orange Tick BulletBespoke programme design and delivery:
• Incorporating company vison and values to maximise impact
• A UK network of high quality training providers
• Blended learning solutions that generate results


Orange Tick BulletComprehensive account management and reporting:
• To ensure maximise return on investment



Orange Tick BulletFund administration and process management:
• Full programme support, administration and forecasting


Orange Tick BulletConsultancy and recruitment support:
• Decision making and talent recruitment



Orange Tick BulletContinual quality and value improvement



Our established and sustainable managed apprenticeship training service offers many benefits, including;

  • Management of the levy process and contractual agreements, working with you to maximise apprenticeship investment opportunities and deliver good return on your apprenticeship investments
  • Creative ideas to offset cost against your apprenticeship levy
  • Streamline processes to mitigate the need for multi-vendor complexity
  • Reduction of commercial and financial risk when switching vendors at short notice
  • Consistently good completion and timeliness results enabling enhanced learner and workforce planning and confidence
  • Competitively priced service, operating with integrity and transparency
  • Above industry standard delivery on apprenticeship programmes
  • Brand enhancement through PR and award activities designed to build client, employee and candidate engagement
  • High quality standards that insure a great learner experiences and outcomes

If you are a levy paying employer contact us today.

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