At present, GP Strategies are delivering 89 management qualifications to the Hesley Group.  

Nationally, we have of a total 1722 apprentices on programmes, across 944 employers, in 1022 different employer sites. In 6 years, our delivery to Hesley has grown from an initial cohort of 30 operational care staff to a current in learning of 300 across both operational and 89 management roles. We deliver management framework provision at intermediate, advanced and higher levels.

Programme design

The structure and content considerations when designing the programme were as follows: 

  • Designing and embedding a number of structured apprenticeship pathways into their overall learning and development strategy. The project started with Level 2 operational roles and developed to a full scheme supporting Management pathways from operational supervisors to senior managers overseeing larger or multiple residential units.
  • Providing delivery staffing with experience of dealing with challenging behaviour, as well as management experience at regional manager level. Hesley is a specialist provider for young people and adults with autism and other complex needs. As many of the service users do not like change or new faces, we have had to work closely with our apprentices and their line managers to plan our delivery and assessment carefully.
  • Providing a flexible delivery schedule suited to the working patterns of staff, including supporting apprentices on night duties.
  • Maximising use of Hesley’s internal training facilities to develop on site off-the job delivery, including 1-2-1 coaching, group workshops etc.
  • Development of a bespoke higher management apprenticeship pathway that includes an integrated level 5 residential childcare qualification into the overall provision.  
  • Mapping Hesley’s own induction related training into the programme scheme of work. Our staff have completed parts of Hesley’s internal training, in order to successfully embed this training in our apprenticeship courses.


Programme execution and delivery

Our success with Hesley is founded on our ability to effectively develop, manage, administer and deliver their training curriculum across the following standards; team leading (level 2), management (level 3 and level 4) and leadership and management (level 5).

Developed as per the constraints and considerations of point the design and execution discussed above.

Managed in the following ways:

  • At a strategic level, bi-monthly strategic meetings focused on partnership performance, improvement opportunities, change adoption, policy updates and standards transition readiness.
  • At an operational level, the Hesley training management team meet with GPSTL’s regional delivery team managers monthly to discuss apprentice progress and operational performance.

Administered in the following ways:

  • We provide Hesley with a bespoke MI framework, that presents key individual apprentice and employer wide related metrics as taken from e-track. Access to data is open and transparent and can be viewed at any time as requested.
  • We provide Hesley a dedicated apprenticeship service handling all administration and achieving the compliant data lock. The administration service includes an email and telephone function.

Delivered in the following ways

  • Face to face site visits, email and telephone support from dedicated assessors. Line manager and subject matter expert mentoring and coaching. Classroom interventions, reviews, evaluations and developmental milestone sessions, virtual classroom, work based activities. Incorporation of business specific language, value and culture.  On programme summative assessments testing the required knowledge, skills and behaviours



The success and value gained by Hesley of this programme is demonstrated by:

  • Increased staff retention, with clear and defined pathways for staff to progress in to entry level and higher management roles.
  • Supporting their ‘Good’ CQC rating, and continuous improvement on CQC action areas.
  • Improved English and Maths capability of staff

Success rates for Hesley programmes is 96%.




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