Royal Borough of Greenwich Council and GP Strategies have worked together since 2019, delivering the Team Leader Level 3 and Operations/Departmental Manager Level 5 apprenticeships to first line and senior managers within the council.

Learner success

To date, we have welcomed over 60 people across both apprenticeship programmes and have successfully completed nine learners. The overall apprenticeship is graded, learners are able to achieve either a Pass or a Distinction and I am pleased to announce that so far 89% have been awarded a Distinction! This is a fantastic achievement and I’d like to say a huge congratulations to the learners and the Skills Coaches that have supported them.

One of these achievers has also been awarded learner of the month by her Skills Coach as her confidence was low throughout the programme and she didn’t feel she would be able to pass her End Point Assessment (EPA). She was fully supported throughout this process and successfully passed her EPA first time!

Remote learning

This programme has grown in strength over the years despite the impact of the pandemic hitting in 2020. The delivery of our apprenticeships had to be changed as a result of this to run completely remotely and I’d like to thank all of our learners who adapted to this and continued to progress through extremely difficult times. We would also like to thank the direct line managers who have been a great support to not only the staff but also the skills coaches working with them.

Partnership working

The apprenticeship programmes are successful down to the partnership working of all involved; learners, Line Managers, Skills Coaches, GP Operations Leads and last but not at all least, your Workforce Development Team.

GP Strategies has worked extremely closely with them over the years to engage, enrol and review progress of learners throughout their programme and we couldn’t do this without their fantastic support and dedication.

Employer of the month

To recognise this, Royal Borough of Greenwich Council has been awarded Employer of the Month for February 2022.

“A well organised and supportive employer providing
lots of support to the learners and GP Skills Coaches”

Carena Cannon, GP Strategies Skills Coach

During National Apprenticeship Week, Royal Borough of Greenwich are holding a Graduation event for apprenticeship completers to date to celebrate their amazing achievement. Well done and congratulations to all!

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