Angel Advance was founded in 2012 with the intention of creating an ethical debt management company which could concentrate purely on fair outcomes for its Customers.  We have currently trained over 70 apprentices with the company.


Over the last 2 years, Angel Advance has acquired the business of several other companies which have either become insolvent or have exited the debt management market. Angel Advance embraces the conduct based regulatory system which debt management firms must now comply with as it ensures that Customers' interests are protected, which has always been our main aim.  The core values of the business are Fairness, Integrity, Approachability, Transparency and Honesty.

What has been achieved?

We have worked together to design an apprenticeship scheme and have achieved the following:

  • Apprentices feel well prepared for their work with additional training provided on helping apprentices with dealing with difficult customers. 
  • The apprenticeship scheme successfully mapped into Angel Advance’s talent management plans and building apprentice staff retention to 100%.
  • Support line manager engagement through dedicated time spent developing management skills.
  • Strong leadership recognised through effective deployment.  GPSTL delivery has been flexible to the working patterns.
  • GPSTL has provided experienced trainers with over five years’ experience.
  • The core content is mapped to internal training creating a bespoke unit based qualification that include tailored units in data protection and debt solutions.
  • Enhanced the apprenticeship brand through celebration of success events.
  • On site off-the job delivery.

The overall programme success was 100%.



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