We understand the challenges and uncertainty you are facing during these difficult times so we have pulled together some Frequently Asked Questions to help answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding COVID-19 and apprenticeship related issues.

My employer has enforced a work from home policy. What are my options for my apprenticeship?

We are committed and fully prepared to support you with home working through our digital teaching and learning platform. Our employees including assessors are remote working and will provide you with online and virtual help and support.

My employer has shut down due to coronavirus and I have been put on furlough leave, will I continue to get paid?

‘Furlough’ basically means temporary leave of absence. Your employer should use the government Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to pay you while there’s no work to do. When your employer applies to the scheme, you’ll be paid 80% of your normal pay. This will continue until the government ends the scheme or you return to work.

What happens to my apprenticeship during furlough?

While you cannot undertake any work for your employer during this time, as per the guidance issued by HMRC, you can continue to engage in learning towards your apprenticeship. We will continue to deliver remote assessment, guidance and support sessions, without affecting official furlough guidelines.

We understand that your company may make the decision that it is best for both the organisation and yourself, that you do not continue with your apprenticeship at this time and please be assured we will respect this decision when made. If this is not the case, we look forward to continuing to support you.

Will my apprenticeship qualification be disrupted during this time?

We are committed more than ever to offer you flexible delivery options that include access to virtual workshops, training and support from skills coaches. In the majority of cases, we envisage little to no interruption to you apprenticeship. However, we understand that every learner is different, and will continue to work flexibly to ensure your needs are met.

How do I record progress towards my apprenticeship while I’m subject to different working conditions?

If you have not yet commenced working remotely with your assessor, your assessor will agree the best way for you to continue to record your activity.

How is the lockdown affecting my assessor visits and learning?

Although we cannot at present support you face to face, we can continue to meet with you remotely through a variety of mediums including telephone, skype and teams. We are continuing to fully utilising our e-portfolio system. Your assessor will continue to be on hand in a formal 1-2-1 setting, which will be conducted remotely on a regular basis, and can be contacted in-between scheduled contact for information, advice and guidance.

If you have any further queries, please contact your skills coach or contact:

Louise Findlay on 07971 598876 or email




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