GP Strategies Apprenticeships is committed to working with employers and apprentices to deliver an excellent learning experience, and place the utmost importance on health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace.

We have a team of specialist advisers who provide emotional and practical support and advice to and make sure apprentices, employers and our staff have access to the latest policies and procedures, and receive training where required.


GP Strategies Apprenticeships takes our responsibility in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of apprentices and staff very seriously, by protecting them from abuse, neglect and bullying. We work closely with local safeguarding authorities and organisations in cases where abuse and harmful behaviours are suspected or reported. For more details please see our safeguarding policy.

Prevent duty

We all have a responsibility to be vigilant and help to stop the threat and spread of terrorism and extremism. Our staff have been trained in line with the Government's ‘Prevent Duty’ Strategy, which was introduced to safeguard communities against the threat of extremism, radicalisation and terrorism. Read the Government's guidance on Prevent Duty.

Health and safety at work

GP Strategies Apprenticeships believes in safe working environments for all apprentices. As part of the induction process, we work with all employers providing a comprehensive health and safety review. This is followed up by regularly evaluations throughout the programme to ensure that everyone’s health and safety is protected. For more details please see our health, safety and welfare policy.

Financial support

GP Strategies Apprenticeships offers financial bursaries and support. To see if you are eligible or for more information, please contact us on 01786 478 478. 




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