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GPSTL is one of the UK’s leading specialist providers of leadership and management apprenticeships – last year we qualified over 3,000 management apprentices. Combined with our expertise in the development of apprenticeship standards, this makes us the first choice for training providers and employers who are looking to engage with reformed apprenticeships


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What Management Apprenticeships do we offer?

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Tean Leader/Supervisor


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Operational/Departmental Manager Level 5
Team Leader Level 3


Operations/Departmental Manager


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Business Administrator Level 2 - Coming Soon
Business Administrator Level 3  - Coming Soon




Management ApprenticeshipsEnd Point Assessment

Knowledge, skills and behaviours will be tested by an independent End Point Assessor which will be appointed by you employer. Prior to your EPA you will attend a Gateway Meeting with your employer, GPSTL skills coach and your mentor/supervisor/ manager who will review your progress and confirm that all of the requirements of your apprenticeship have been met. You will then be referred for EPA.

The EPA will take the form of a knowledge test and professional discussion and will be organised at a time and date convenient to both yourself and your employer.


About apprenticeships

To get your career started employers are usually looking for experience and qualifications. An apprenticeship with GPSTL gives you a unique option offering both! Our apprenticeships combine on the job training with off the job learning, meaning you can earn while you learn. GPSTL apprenticeships range from GCSE equivalent level 2 to degree equivalent level 5 and take between 1 to 2 years to complete, and are available across a wide variety of sectors.

What are the benefits of an apprenticeship?

Earn a salary, and be paid for holidays, gain national and industry recognised qualifications,learn the professional skills employers want and progress and advance in your chosen career.


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