Finding the right people with the right skills and right attitude is one of the biggest challenges faced by the adult care sector.

A traineeship is a great way to attract young people into a adult care setting and build a valued, skilled and enthusiastic workforce.

Our Adult Care Traineeship is a short, flexible course that combines workplace training with a work placement, and prepares young people aged 16-18 for a successful career in adult care.

The training programme, which can be tailored to the specific needs of your business, last 10 weeks and covers employability skills training, adult care vocational skills training, Functional Skills (English and Maths as required) plus a work placement.

Why adult care traineeship make good business sense:

Blue Tick BulletIt allows both employers and learners to decide if you are the right match

Blue Tick BulletNo training costs as these are fully met by government funding

Blue Tick BulletYou could receive an additional bonus payment of £1,000 per learner, for up to 10 learners

Blue Tick BulletThe length of commitment is relatively short

Blue Tick BulletYou will get the pick of ambitious young talent - with no recruitment costs

Blue Tick BulletYou get to nurture home grown talent helping to create a local and loyal workforce

Our dedicated traineeships team will take care of the recruitment, selection and training so that you can focus on taking your business to the next level.




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